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BMS / BushMaster Survival was founded by its owner and head instructor Jeff Tindall.  Jeff has spent over two decades of hands on practical experience most of which was learned the hard way, self-taught growing up camping, hiking, hunting and fishing in the back woods and swamps of Florida. His father played a big part in his survival and outdoor knowledge as a child. Jeff has also been an active survivalists and prepper for over 10 years. 

At BMS, the needs and training of each student comes first for Jeff and his staff.  Their teaching methods have proven to be practical and effective in passing on the survival mindset and outdoor skills necessary for each student to survive in any situation.

Unlike many survival schools out there today, BMS includes programs for youths 12 years and older.  Our children are our future and it's important for us to teach and pass on the slowly fading art and skills of self-reliance survival.  Our courses are designed to not only  teach these skills, but also the mindset of self-reliance that build personal confidence.  Adopting this mindset will flow over to everyday living.  With this sense of confidence, you will have the ability to accomplish any personal goals you set your mind to.

The youth/adult courses also allow families a chance to participate as a family unit. It’s a great way for parents to bond and spend quality time with their children.

There is no greater feeling than watching someone achieving a goal or succeed at a task that they did not think was obtainable.

BMS can also assist Boy Scout and Cub Scout Troop Leaders with instruction and training.  From, additional or advanced training for the Troop Leaders and Instructors to teaching the Troops themselves, BMS can handle all your needs.  If you would like to speak with Jeff about this service and receive more information, please contact us.  

BMS can also design custom training courses on request. If you are looking for a specific training need please contact us.