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Our focus at BMS is to teach each of our students how to rely on their skills and knowledge of any survival situation. Whether the situation is in a swamp, sand pine forest, everglades of Florida or trying to get out of an urban environment, we want each of you to be able to survive the situation, self rescue and live to see another day.     

Your knowledge and mindset are the corner stones of any given situation. We not only teach you the needed survival skills, but also the survival mindset. Your knowledge and mindset will always be your most valuable asset.

With the growing concerns in the world today surrounding disasters such as storms, hurricanes or even the need to get out of dodge fast or bugging out, we also offer courses to teach long-term survival in a bug out situation.

Our courses cover a large spectrum of survival training, from beginner to advanced courses. Each student will learn how to be self-reliant to adapt and over come a survival situation. Each student will learn the skills needed to build shelter, fire, find and purify water, procure food sources, self rescue  and many other needed skills for survival.

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